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Simple guidance to select the core cables and properties of submersible cable

A cable is a thick rope of wire and it is used for mooring ships, construction, and towing vehicles.3 core cable is generally used for a perfect balanced 3-phase system. When the electric currents on a 3-phase wire and a 3-phase system are equal at a 120-degree phase angle and this type of system is said to be a perfectly balanced system.

The loads in the 3-phase system are identical in all respects with no need for any neutral conductor3-core cable has three cores, a neutral core, an earth core, and a live core. Live cores and neutral cores are insulated and it is used to carry the current to and from the outlet socket.

Selection of the number of core cables

The selection of several core cables mainly depends on the type of the system and to determine where it is going to be installed. There are two types of systems available:

  1. A perfectly balanced system
  2. An unbalanced system

Cable core size includes parameters:

  • Short circuit conditions and voltage drop
  • Continuous current rating of the cable
  • Earth fault loop impedance

3-core cable

3-core cable is mainly used for a perfect balanced 3-phase system. When the electric currents on the 3-phase live wires of a 3-phase system are always equal at an angle of 120 degrees, and the system is said to a balanced system. 3-phase loads are identical in all respects with no need for a neutral conductor.

3.5-core cable

Whenever there is a change in some degree of unbalance and the amount of fault is small, these cables are used. 3.5 core cables are used to carry the small amount of unbalanced current with a neutral of a reduced cross-section.

4 core cable

The fault current will rise to a high level and the neutral carries the current due to imbalance between the two phases when there is a severe out of imbalance condition. The electric current in the 4-core cables does not cancel the current at a star point of the three-phase system. Neutral also carries heavy third harmonic current.

Overview of the submersible flat cable

Submersible flat cable is designed for use in underwater or wet ground. Submersible flat cable is used to connect the submersible pump motor with an electrical supply line. Submersible flat cable is mainly designed to work in water conditions. It is specially designed to use in underground, wet conditions and underwater.

Properties of the submersible flat cable

Not every type of cable has the potential to withstand and to work in a wet condition for a long time. Some of the properties that a submersible flat cable has been given below:

  • The submersible flat cable comes in both single and multiple conductors.
  • The size and shape of the submersible lat cable may vary according to their preference and usage.
  • It may include power conductors and control wires for the motor pump.
  • Conductors are color-coded for easy identification

The bottom line 

Know the properties of the submersible flat cable and how to select the number of core cables based on their performance. Buy a submersible cable to work in all wet conditions and also have the ability to withstand for a longer time.