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Should You Invest In Real Estate Properties In India?

Real estate properties in India continue to boom – rapid growth and development make the real estate market appealing not only to locals but to foreign buyers too. About 65% of working individuals in India invest their money in real estate properties. The majority of constructions of Godrej Manjari include row houses, apartments, and flat enclaves. Real estate projects like these make India’s real estate market richer as time passes by.

Below are the reasons why should you consider investing in real estate properties in India:

Retirement benefits

If you are a senior citizen and you own a property in India, you get to enjoy a reverse mortgage. What this means is that the money taken from the bank for the said mortgage is considered a part of the NRI.


Godrej Manjari price is reasonable. In fact, real estate properties in India are affordable, even more, affordable when compared to the neighboring countries.

Long-term returns

Over the last decade, the real estate business in India has experienced tremendous growth. The growth is calculated to be at least 10 to 15% every year. If you are going to look at the long-term returns, you get to find the best value for money if you invest in real estate properties.

Controlled asset

Investing in real estate properties is simple and there are portals of purchases to do so. It is totally different when investing in shares and stocks. If you are uncertain as to what type of real estate property to choose, then you can just ask help from a real estate broker. Real estate is a tangible asset, which makes it easy to control when compared to that of shares and stocks.

A wide array of finance options

Investing in real estate properties in India gives you a variety of financing options such as traditional banks and various financial companies.