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Parking Lot Seen Better Days? Here’s Five Reasons Why Repair Is Better Than Replacement

If your concrete parking lot or connecting sidewalks are showing signs of wear and tear it can seriously pay to take action sooner rather than later. It doesn’t take long for those first cracks or signs of sinkage to rapidly worsen – but the good news is that commercial concrete repair can save a lot of time, money, and hassle compared to a total replacement. Here are the five essential reasons why modern parking lot repair techniques such as parking lot striping riverside ca can save the day.

1) Almost All Concrete Can Be Repaired

The first thing any professional concrete repair contractor will do is survey the underlying quality of the surface and assess exactly where the damage is. Once you have started to spot cracks and/or sinkage you can bet the problem is pretty serious underneath the surface. However modern foam injection methods can not just repair damaged subsurface concrete but also strengthen it – meaning it should last for a much longer period of time. Even if there’s a very deep problem involving unstable soil or previously botched remedial work has made the issue worse, it’s never too late to investigate repair potential.

2) It Is Quicker Than Replacement

Once the technicians have evaluated where new concrete needs to be injected underneath the surface, they’ll make an appointment to visit that suits your business and/or personal schedule. Unlike total replacement works, you should still be able to use large parts of your parking lot while the work is carried out. Foam injection techniques usually require just a small crew and often just one or two vehicles. Concrete leveling works from below and expands throughout the damaged layers – and it does so very quickly indeed. Most parking lots require no more than 24 hours before they are fit for purpose, and often even less.

3) Repair Is More Cost-Effective

Compared to tearing out and totally replacing a concrete parking lot replacement work is always going to be much cheaper. As the work is fast, uses specific materials, requires only a couple of technicians and rarely needs any specialist equipment or heavy load-bearing vehicles, those costs are passed down to the customer in dollar savings. How much you will save repairing rather than replacing your concrete depends on the job specifications but it’ll always be cost-effective compared to a replacement. It’ll last for at least as long as freshly laid concrete too.

4) Leveling Looks Good

 Worried that after your concrete leveling has been completed that your parking lot may look a little shabby? Modern concrete leveling and repair use extremely precise methods to make those surfaces as level and seamless as possible. Once the underlying concrete has been repaired the crew will continue to work on surface faults until they are completely filled. The result will be a truly ‘good as new’ finish that’ll be achieved without any of the disruption or environmental disruption that would be caused by ordering a total concrete replacement.

5) Protection Against Liability

Parking lot repair is one of those little tasks that people tend to try and forget about until it is too late. Thousands of property owners are successfully taken to court every year because of damage caused to individuals, vehicles, and property associated with a cracked, uneven, and potholed concrete property. The costs involved can be phenomenal, especially given the fact that owners are liable for accidents caused on their property that have demonstrably not been proactively maintained. If your parking lot carries a lot of traffic you ought to protect yourself against this by having cost-friendly concrete repair works conducted as soon as possible.