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Keeping On Top Of A Chaotic Construction Site With Contract Plant Hire

Every construction site has an element of chaos to it. As a site or project manager you are tasked with limiting this construction chaos (ideally removing it completely), and ensuring that everything runs smoothly, that deliveries are received on time, that contractors are fully trained, and that safety standards are met.

One way to reduce the chaos is to partner with a plant hire company that you can trust. 

Plant hire services to reduce the chaos on site

There are a few different reasons why a plant hire company is a good fit to help reduce the chaos that many construction sites and projects are faced with. 

Thorough training – the best plant hire companies provide thorough training manuals for each piece of equipment and machinery that they offer for hire as part of their fleet. This, alongside expert advice on hand from your point of contact at the company, means that you’ll always have the right info to operate safely and effectively.

Latest models of equipment and machinery – plant hire companies are constantly freshening up their fleet options with the latest models. Hiring plant instead of buying ensures that you always have access to the latest models, the safest standards, and the most energy efficient equipment.

Clear delivery schedules – the biggest act of chaos on any construction site takes place when there is confusion and delays with delivery schedules. If your deliveries are not clear, turn up late, too early, or you have too many pieces of equipment and machinery on site at the same time, this can cause delays to the entire project, slowing things down, causing potential hazards that can cause accidents and injury, and generally cause chaos. Clear delivery, on set times, pre-planned, will help to work things out clearly.

Repair and replace policy–the last thing you want on site is for a piece of machinery to break down. Broken equipment can cause accidents, but also cause delays that cost time and money to your project. Good plant hire contracts will include the provision to replace any broken-down plant hire as soon as possible, minimising delays to your project. 

Tracking apps – with some plant hire services these days you can download an app that allows you to effectively manage the day-to-day activities relating to your plant hire equipment. This includes daily checks, safety certificates, track your deliveries with accurate updates, and report any breakdowns or defects. 

Choosing a contract plant hire service that works well for your specific construction needs and fits in with the scheduling of upcoming projects will help to limit or remove the chaotic nature of construction. Anything you can do to limit this chaos will help to reduce the instances of accidents and injuries, keep projects running on time and on budget, and help everything to run like clockwork. Chaos only ever causes delays and problems that can be difficult to overcome. Your choice of plant hire company will go a long way to improving your construction site.