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How to Fix a Leaking Shower Door – pFOkUS

Sometimes, in spite of installing a framed or frameless glass shower door, leakages occur. This is due to faulty installations or rough use. Fortunately, these leaks can be rectified by installing the right shower door enclosures depending upon your door type. These retain the water inside the shower and prevent it from leaking outside. They direct the leaking water to the drain inside the shower. This article gives you useful tips on how to fix a leaking shower.

To choose between the right kind of shower glass enclosures can be quite tricky. pFOkUS manufactures some of the best door seals, sweeps, drip rails and thresholds in various sizes and colors. You can choose the one that fits your shower door perfectly.

Frameless Shower Door Seals

Our frameless door seals are designed from vinyl, polycarbonate or rubber. We have a huge range of 12 types of frameless door seals that can be pushed-on, pre-taped and such others. There are some which need a double-sided tape as an adhesive. All these 12 variants differ in design, material, size and their installation methods. Some glass shower door sealsare molded in a way that they can easily snap-on the rail.

Framed Shower Door Seals

These are made for doors with a metal frame running across the perimeter and a drip rail attached at the bottom. The drip rail is most susceptible to water damage. Our framed door seals are made from rubber, vinyl or polycarbonate. All doors come with different seal requirements. These are engineered with high-quality and flexible material. Our seals are also easy to attach, very thin and light in weight. pFOkUS manufactures 7 varieties of framed door seals.

Shower Drip Rails:

We also manufacture shower drip rails in sizes 32 and 36 inches. You can get these in various color finishes such as brush nickel, bronze, gold, silver, etc. If you are confused regarding choosing the right shower door drip rail, you can just send a picture of your framed shower glass to our experts. They will guide you on the type of drip rail you should buy. Our rails come with a pre-installed tape that easily adheres to the surface.

Shower Door Sweep

Our shower door sweeps are also made from high-quality polycarbonate material. These have a seamless look and a unique design that easily prevents leaks. Our sweeps push on to the bottom of the door as they come with a strong grip. They ensure a dry flooring. You can get these in 7 different sizes in various lengths such as 32, 36 and 98 inches.

How to Fix a Leaking Glass Door?

  • Find out the exact place and reason for leakage:

Unless you identify where the water is leaking from, you cannot rectify the problem. Is the frameless or framed shower door leaking from the sides or bottom? Do you find water dripping on the vertical side with hinges? Or do you see that your frameless or framed shower glass door leaks where the door opens?Most shower glass doors leak at the door opening or at the side metal track which is bolted to the glass. This leak could be very marginal, but over a period of time, this leakage could also lead to water stains or mold development.

  • After having identified the problem, look for a replacement or a shower glass enclosure:

See from which of the above enclosures would solve your problem. Then choose the product after measuring your glass door.

  • Before fixing the new enclosure, clean the shower door using pFOkUS’ Benaz. When you install a new enclosure, without cleaning the glass, you will not get an ideal clarity.

This way, if you follow the above tips on how to fix a leaking shower door, you can rectify your problem and ensure a dry bathroom always. You can send your pictures to our experts for the right opinion.