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Get To Know the Different Office Carpet Cleaning Methods to Find the Suitable One

Maintaining your office carpets clean is not the first thing that comes to your mind amidst your hectic office work. Apart from maintaining the exteriors and interiors of your office in a presentable manner, regular carpet cleaning is important to maintain a healthy and productive workspace.

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Different methods of office carpet cleaning:

  • Carpet shampooing

Carpet cleaning shampoo is poured over the carpet and allowed to dry for about 30 minutes after which the dirt separates from the carpet. Any remaining residue is vacuumed. The process is economical but the foam can take quite a while to dry.

  • Dry powder

A cleaning powder is applied on the underside of the carpet using a rotating brush machine so that the compound is spread evenly and settles deeper inside the fiber. It is a popular choice among offices which function 24*7. It is safe to be carried out on all types of carpets and effective.

  • Steam cleaning

Also referred to as hot water extraction cleaning, high-pressure water is used to agitate the fiber and thereby dissolve all dirt. A cleaning agent is allowed to rest on the carpet for some time before being washed using carpet cleaning equipment and then left to dry in a room. The method is perfect for stubborn stains.

  • Encapsulation

The synthetic detergents used crystallize into powder form after drying. When the foam dries, the dirt particles are encapsulated into powder and vacuuming is done. It is a better alternative to carpet shampooing since it uses less water and involves less drying time. The method isn’t effective on heavily soiled carpets.

  • Bonnet cleaning

It involves cleaning the top layer of the carpet using a heavy-duty motorized machine. It is a quick fix solution in areas of heavy traffic. Since deep cleaning isn’t done, the dirt underneath would emerge to the surface in a short time.

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