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Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Building Maintenance in Singapore

Commercial building maintenance encompasses many procedures needed to keep a building operational and functional. A single building requires a professional team of diverse maintenance specialties in fields such as electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. A building will become an unfriendly living and working environment without regular maintenance facilities. If you’re wondering what building maintenance Singapore is all about, everything is explained below that you need to remember.

What is Building Maintenance?

Building maintenance entails a series of activities that assist building tenants in creating a clean secure job and living atmosphere. Building maintenance services are performed to keep buildings in tip-top condition. Maintenance teams are typically divided into different positions based on related maintenance services. Typically, this arrangement looks like:

1. Janitorial

They are responsible for cleaning the kitchen, mopping the floors, emptying the trash, and cleaning the toilets are typical everyday activities.

2. Maintenance Engineer

Maintenance engineers are responsible for routine maintenance and repair of building equipment such as HVAC, electrical, and plumbing.

3. Maintenance Supervisor

They are responsible for the schedule and allocation of projects to be performed for general building maintenance. Maintenance supervisors are also in charge of staff administration, which includes recruiting and performance evaluations.

Why Building Maintenance is Important?

Building maintenance in Singapore is vital since it assures the protection and security of everyone who lives or works in a building. Proper building maintenance in Singapore saves the owner’s money and in the long run adds to the property’s increased value.

1. Keeps Occupants Safe

A poorly maintained building may endanger anyone who operates or resides in it. Constant maintenance tends to prevent potentially hazardous situations, such as peeling paint, an uneven walkway, or insufficient air circulation. Hiring a rope access company Singapore would help to prevent serious hazardous working and living conditions.

2. Increased Value of the Building

Building maintenance in Singapore doesn’t only save money over time, it can also increase the average value of the building. There is further investment in a well-maintained building, which may imply more sales potential by selling, renting, or leasing spaces.

Why is Proper Maintenance of Buildings Important?

  1. External exposure of the building to the rainy natural climate, beating hot sun, and wind. Building maintenance prevents rapid corrosion and extends the life of the building.
  2. Proper building maintenance also includes regular building inspections, which helps in identifying broken parts and repairing them on schedule.
  3. The building’s dilapidation and sporadic maintenance results in loose doors, spalled walls and asphalt floors that aren’t good for anybody.

What are the Benefits of Proper Maintenance Building?

1. Save Your Money

Preventive measures are always preferable to cure since it is easier and less expensive. It is normal for the cost of emergency repairs to be greater than the cost of regular maintenance. Regular building maintenance assures that the building remains in good condition, free of destruction, and the continual need for fixes.

2. Limits the Dangers

Damaged and poorly managed buildings often have a terrible atmosphere. Damage to the building can increase hazards in the parking lots, walkways, and other areas.

3. Managing Expenses 

It is simpler to plan periodic maintenance at regular intervals, while emergencies can cause a budget problem. Emergencies may incur significant and unpredictability in costs. Maintaining the building regularly makes the task cost-effective and reasonable.

4. Improves User Experience

Impressions are extremely difficult to change. A well-kept building represents good management, discipline, and a constructive attitude toward the property. It sends a good message about every contract, while a dirty or badly run building will create a negative image. 

Types of Building Maintenance Services

Building management is a repetitive yet inevitable operation. Many company owners have a tough time repairing their building and end up wasting several hours doing so. All of those people will breathe a sigh of relief thanks to B2S Specialist Singapore facilities. This company has the finest services, relieves you of the burden and saves you time. 

1. Day-to-Day Maintenance

It is important to keep the basic infrastructure and design of the building in good condition. These businesses inspect the building on a daily basis and, if possible, repair it. They are also in charge of lift repairs, window cleaning, building painting, roof repair and maintenance, doors and windows.

2. Electrical Maintenance

A building should have proper electrical fittings. If there is a loose wire or other exposed tool, these building maintenance companies react immediately and fix it. To avoid accidents, they ensure that all fittings and equipment are reviewed and tested.

3. Waterworks and Plumbing Maintenance

There may be instances where leaking occurs as a result of damaged pipes. These building maintenance companies ensure that all of these problems are addressed. 

4. Temperature Control

It is important that employees of an organization are equipped with a safe working atmosphere. One such prerequisite is to maintain track of the temperature in the room. A building maintenance company ensures that the temperature is matched to the temperature and that the working environments are ideal.