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Cement Story: How Is Grout Different From Concrete

Grout and concrete are made from cement and a few more things. Here in this article, we will be discussing the differences between grout and concrete. We will know more about grout, such as its utility, usage and limitations and composition of grout in a bit detail. 

What is grout, and how is it different?

· What Is Grout?

Also known as cement grout (ปูน เก ร้า ท์, which is the term in Thai), it is a mixture of cement and water. It is a special kind of ready-mix mortar.

Mortar is the binding mixture used to join bricks. The amount of sand, cement and lime varies in grout making. It has more of a flowy consistency.   

· Where Is It Used?

Since grout is of flowing consistency, it is used to seal the corners of joints as it flows, fits and sets well, which is impossible with cement or mortar. It is suitable for filling gaps and corners as it does not shrink and set as it is. It is not something that can join bricks or concrete. Rather it seals the cracks in walls, construction joints and other gaps.

· How To Use Grout:

Since we are familiar with the consistency and properties of grout, it spreads well, does not shrink on drying, is poured into joints of walls, and is used in repairing old structures. 

Another property of grout is that it is a great shock absorbent. So it is used on sites of heavy machine work to absorb all the vibrations and shocks and avoid any cracks or leakage.

Grout is also poured where steel and concrete columns, such as joints made by grout, are mostly leakproof and strong.

· Difference Between Grout And Concrete

The components of grout and concrete are the same, with varied compositions. Grout is flowy and doesn’t shrink on drying, while concrete is thicker and does not flow. It hardens and shrinks on drying. The fun fact about grout is that it has higher compressive power than concrete.


Grout and concrete are both the basic requirements of any construction. But both these things have their significance. Grout is non-shrinkable and flowy, which can seal the cracks and joints easily, whereas concrete is harder. It makes the building blocks of constructing structures. Grouts are meant to provide a clear finish to the structures made of concrete with the help of mortar, and the highlight is that all three have cement as their base material.