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3 Ways to Make the Most of the Square Tiles

Square tiles help in making a statement in your home. Square tiles are a classic and timeless way to make your space look stylish. Their simplicity, versatility and practicality make the square tuilesCarreaux Metro trend to include in your design scheme. Their even shapes mean that they are adaptable and can be a great thing to experiment with. They also work nicely with different interior styles.

  1. White square tiles

A plain square tiles may not seem the boldest choice but its simple minimalism and fresh look makes it perfect and the most famous option for both kitchens and bathrooms. As a matter of factor, simplicity lets you to experiment a lot. You can try with colors, grout and layout for designing various looks to suit your style. For instance, you can pair the dark grout and this is how white square tiles are ideal for creating a contemporary and versatile theme which work well with kitchens and bathrooms.

  1. Patterned square tiles

When considering home d├ęcor, you can go bolder by selecting patterns and colors that should not by limited by any means. The vendor you choose must offer a wide variety of patterned and encaustic square tiles that offer warmth and character to your home. Some vendors also offer intricate geometric shape in subtle color palette which is ideal for modern home. You can either use them individually on the floor or mix or match to create a statement splashback. For creating a modern look, you can try pairing the rich teal tones with a number of plants or go for natural wood finishes and rustic rattan furniture to bring character with calming texture.

You can also go for a subtle color palette of soft grey, blue and green. You may also find natural background of color and patterns that can be applied on walls or floors. If you want an organic look, pair complementary colors like white, blue, and natural wood or combine a vivid color like yellow.

  1. Mix and match square tiles

If you want to create a harmonious square tile scheme, you can experiment with number of shapes and sizes. Usually the most famous choice is a large white square tile that makes a bathroom spacious and looks great when it is paired with a number of tiles of various shapes on the wall. For adding interest, you can go for a collection that is available in a number of shapes and sizes to create a statement.