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The choice of a cushion can say a lot about the overall vibe of your home. Whether it is a modern print, bohemian design or something elegant, it helps in deciding the personality of a home. But this is not just limited to the pattern or colours; it also depends on the cushion fabric. Yes, you heard it right. Cushion fabric can be a significant aspect of a good selection. There are a variety of options to buy cushion online. You can go through this list to choose any of them without any hassle. 

Now, let’s understand about the wide variety of cushion fabrics through the list curated below: 

  • LINEN: If you’re looking for classic upholstery fabric, linen is undoubtedly the best option. This material is super safe for the skin and looks elegant. It gives a striking casual look to space. 
  • COTTON: As it’s a natural fibre, it reduces and eliminates the possibility of rashes on the skin. There is a reason why summer clothing is often made of cotton. It is soft and gives a calm and pleasant vibe to the home. 
  • KNITTED WOOL: If you are a fan of handmade stuff, then wool can be an option to invest. But the major drawback is that this shrinks after a few washes and lightens the original shade. So, you can use this cushion cover during special occasions to have a unique look. 
  • VELVET: Yes, even velvet cushion covers can be beyond basic fashion sense and give an extraordinary statement. There are many types of velvet fabrics, including the ones that have multiple shades when pressed on a particular side. 
  • FAUX FUR: To give a boho look to your home space, go for faux fur cushion covers. They look like original fur and give a cute look. You can clean them easily if washed with precautions. 
  • FALSE LEATHER: There is nothing bolder than leather. Whether it is hot pants or your cushion cover, leather doesn’t upset anyone. If you are a risk-taker, then leather cushion cover should be on your list. 
  • SILK: This fabric gives an elegant look. Silk cushion covers can be delicate to handle but give a rich look.


Now, after understanding the several types of cushion fabrics, you must have liked a few of them. However, if we talk about all-time best cushion fabric, then it should be unquestionably cotton. Cotton cushion fabrics are effortless to wash and suit almost every home interior. Be it any season; cotton fabrics are versatile. 

Moreover, you can also go for a blend of cotton-linen cushion fabrics. They are the safest option to spend on. Cotton-linen can be reliable and are suitable for the long run. 


We have listed all the widely used cushion fabrics for you. You can choose any cushion fabrics from the above-mentioned ones keeping in mind the pros and cons of all the fabrics.