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What Do You Know About Modular Floor

Whenever you hear they name modular , what comes to your mind first? It’s probably the modular homes that were in existence during the 90s  right?

 If so then definitely you are on the accurate track of what modular floor tiles is all about.

This is a type of floor and can be easily installed and easily moved too.

Most times when you search aboutpisosmodularesit’s bring up a garage tile. This is a typical example of a modular floor. But modular Flooring has more to offer than that. Modular Floor tiles has high level of materials including rubber , alfombras para usorudo, foam for piso foamye.t.c

Plastic modular Floor Tiles

Plastic modular Floor is so much available two different materials , which are; polypropylene and PVC. Polypropylene is a hard type of plastic while pvc is the softer type of plastic. Both can of are so equivalent aside from the fact that one is hard and one is soft, the can be used in either commercial  or residential use and the they are easy to install  and there is no much stress in maintaining them.

Down here are some of the uses for they tiles.

Modular dance Flooring

They hard plastic  know for portable dance floors. As said above this floor is very easy to install and can also be removed in few minutes. These particular Modular tiles features a vinyl or wood  that has the same look and feel natural.

It is very easy to clean and maintain this titles just with the use broom and mop.

Modular Court Flooring

The hard plastic floor are also good for flooring a basket ball Courts or either volleyball courts too, this hard plastic definitely have so much to offer.

But these floor are available in in two forms, which is the indoor and outdoor, indoor court titles are so hard and it’s also has a smooth surface that are so available in different sizes and colors. Just like the originator it is so easy to install and maintain too. Then for the outdoors titles , this is a type of tiles that are made so it can help water flow through and also under the floor. The really help in keeping your tile slip resistant. Despite the weather, they are always active and effective.