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How much does a furniture storage unit cost?

Are you planning on hiring a furniture storage unit for safe-keeping your furniture during summer or storing additional furniture in your home? Either way, if you are not sure about the cost and charges of the storage unit, read through the article to know how much does the storage units richmond hill ga cost.

The basic cost of a furniture storage unit

Furniture storage units are particularly designed for safe-keeping of your belongings for a number of reasons. Today you can find plenty of storage unit providers with varied prices. On average, the price of hiring a storage unit depends on factors like size of the unit, length of time, location of the unit, the security provided, season, etc.

But it is believed that most of the storage units charge their price per square feet and monthly. To understand their prices, clearly get a quote for multiple service providers and compare. Also, when getting a quote, look for a professional service provider whose charges may be costly, but they do their job effectively. For a reputed and professional storage unit in Sydney get a quote from Nuss furniture storage, Sydney.

Factors that affect the price of the furniture storage unit

List of the factors that affect the price of a furniture storage unit are as follows:

  1. Type of services

The cost of a storage unit depends on the type of service they offer. Full-service furniture storage unit, which includes pickup and delivery, may be costlier than a self-service storage unit. The latter storage unit requires you to haul furniture to the unit. This type of service may be cheaper than it requires heavy-lifting and tedious work.

  1. Size of the unit

The next factor that determines the price of the furniture storage unit is size. For a large furniture storage unit, you must pay more, and for smaller ones, the cost is less. This is because most storage units calculate their fees per cubic meters or square feet. In case you don’t have much furniture to store, hire smaller units and save money.

When deciding the furniture storage unit sizes, consider the number rooms of your home.

  1. Location and level of service:

The next factor that plays a role in the cost of the unit is located. If the storage unit is located closer to the city, they charge more. On the other hand, the units located away from the city costs less. Further, the interior furniture storage unit, which offers more security is costlier than exterior ones.

Additionally, in case a storage unit provides services like packing and transportation, then the cost increases as you need to pay extra for availing these services from the company.

  1. Insurance

Majority of the storage unit service company will ask you to get insurance. This is mainly to protect your belongings against damage and unforeseen danger. Sometimes home insurance covers storage facilities but they limit the liability in terms of monetary benefits. So it is suggested by storage unit companies to get additional insurance. Charges for a storage unit with insurance cover are more than the storage without insurance coverage.

Bottom Line:

Charges to be paid for hiring a furniture storage unit is a small price to pay for storing your furniture. However, before hiring a storage facility unit like Nuss furniture storage, Sydney, compare their price with other companies in the locality and also read reviews for the company for a better understanding of their work.