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Aircon Overhauling Results for Your Aircon

After an aircon goes through repairs and servicing for a couple of times, the process of chemical overhauling becomes more essential. Overhauling cleans your aircon system thoroughly and help increase the lifespan of the machine. This is crucial if you want your aircon to work properly for a long time.

An air conditioner that is not overhauled will result in dirt accumulating in the air filter.In this case, chemical overhauling is the best option there. Even these dirty places can become breeding grounds for bacteria. Some of the benefits of airconchemical overhauling can be found at

Other Reasons for Chemical Overhauling:

  • Vent blockages because of dust particle accumulation
  • Evaporator coils get damaged
  • Malfunctioning of the fan bearings
  • Air filters get damaged and start malfunctioning
  • Drain pipe blockage causing the water overflowing

What the Aircon Overhauling Does

KeepsAircon Cool

Apart from the air filter, dirt from dust can also stick to the aircon evaporator pipe. This happens if the air filter has lost its function to be able to filter air. As a result, dirt will also stick and close the evaporator pipe.

If the evaporator pipe is covered with dirt, the air cooling process will be disrupted. As a result, the air exhaled by the aircon is not cold. Chemical overhauling solves the problem.

Prevents Water Seeping in the Air Conditioner

Dirt and moisture from the indoor aircon unit can cause mucus or mildew to form. The mucus or moss can clog the drains.

As a result, the condensed water in the indoor unit cannot flow smoothly through the drain. So that water will seep through the indoor air conditioner. And water will wet your room. Such issues are addressed in this process.

Preventing Corrosion of Evaporator Pipes

As previously explained, dirt can stick to the evaporator pipe. Dirt, coupled with water vapor, can corrode the evaporator pipe. 

If the dirt is not cleaned, copper pipes can become brittle due to corrosion over time. And the leakage of the coolant cannot be avoided in the leaky evaporator pipe. Then the evaporator pipe needs to be kept clean by periodically performing aircon steam. Through Chemical overhauling that can be prevented.

Save Electricity Consumption

A clean air conditioner will work more efficiently than a dirty air conditioner. A dirty air conditioner will work harder. Why is this happening?

As we have seen before, dirt in the air conditioner can interfere with the cooling process. Because the cooling process is disrupted, the expected temperature is not reached.

Here’s the explanation. The air-conditioning system works according to the temperature setting on the remote. For example, you set the temperature on the remote at 19 degrees. The air conditioner will work hard until it reaches the desired temperature, which is 19 degrees. However, due to the dirty condition of the evaporator, the cooling process will be disrupted.

The air that passes through the evaporator does not cool down because it is obstructed by stuck dirt. As a result, the compressor will continue to work until the temperature is reached. And it will be difficult to happen with a dirty evaporator condition.Because the compressor works continuously, it will result in greater power consumption. Saving electricity also means saving money. Your electricity bill will swell if the condition of your aircon is dirty or rarely cleaned.