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Affordable Way To Fix Your Kitchen and Bathroom Backsplash


Is your bathroom backsplash tiles falling off? Are your ceramic tiles on the kitchen backsplash needs replacing? Then you are in the right place looking for ideas.

There are many affordable ideas following which you can fix your worn-out kitchen or bathroom backsplash. One of the best ways to do so is by using peel and stick hexagon tile backsplash. This is the most affordable way of repairing or fixing your backsplash tiles. You can apply these peel and stick hexagon tiles on the existing tiles on your walls.

Peel and Stick Tile Ideas for Your Backsplash

Apart from the hexagon design you will find many other styles and patterns of peel and stick tiles. You can choose any of the other patterns for your backsplash. If you are looking for the best patterns to put up on your wall then check out the pointers below.


  • Colourful


For both your bathroom and kitchen you can go for the colourful pattern. To play safe, you should choose any one colour. For example, you could go for aqua coloured peel and stick tiles for your bathroom backsplash. For your kitchen, you can opt for lime or dark green colour. This will help enhance the beauty of your interior.


  • Subway


The subway design tiles are a classic example of kitchen tiles. However, you can apply it to your bathroom backsplash as well. They are simple but timeless options. It can go with any type of home décor. This is why they are so much preferred by the homeowners. With this simple design, you can easily transform your kitchen into a blank canvas. It adds a soothing effect to your bathroom as well.


  • Contemporary


For a modern kitchen backsplash, you can opt for a contemporary design. this will upgrade your kitchen into a nice space. This could be the best idea to beautify your kitchen and impress your guests. Contemporary designs are available in various colour schemes. They are versatile and never boring.


  • Damask


This is yet another great choice for your kitchen backsplash. If you are more into classic décor then you can choose this style. This can add some spark to your kitchen.

So these are some of the creative peel and stick tiles for your backsplash area. You can find more designs out there. You should choose the one that best complements your décor.