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3 Pointers to Using Natural Light in Your Home

You might not have realized that a lot of people around the world make use of natural light to illuminate their living spaces. Truly, natural light is one of the best home lighting solutions if well utilized can significantly cut down on your energy bills. You see, there are ways of adding more light into your loft which is easily accessed by frequently used loft ladders.

 Thus, if you use natural light, you create a good environment in your home where you can perform your daily chores as you enjoy the sun shining on you. Also, you will not be required to use your electric lights. That way, you will save a few bucks on utility bills. 

In most cases, you will find hospitals, schools, social halls, and even many warehouses make use of natural light. This is because they have realized the added advantages that come with the use of the sun’s light. Here is what you should consider when you intend to use skylights and windows to add more light to your house. 

Windows’ Location and Size

It is right to note that if you want to leverage natural sunlight, the window should directly face the source of the light. Remember, it is not necessarily made to reflect the light. It is meant to let it through it so that it can shine up the intended space. 

Also, if you are to use the skylights, then you need to consider the rights locations and their sizes too. Also, as per the area that you want to add light, you can use more than one skylight. For the windows, make sure they are well installed since the sun goes up, and you might require light as the day unfolds. 

Heat Gain and loss

You do not want to experience poor thermal comfort simply because you avoided simple details. So, you need to make the choices of the skylights because if thermal insulation is removed, you may experience heat loss and gain. 


This is especially the spatial dimension. Here you need to take into account the shape and size of space that you want to light. If you want to add light to a large space, then you must select the right skylights or windows as per the correct dimensions.  For small spaces, you might require the right fit, but you only achieve that by taking the dimensions before placing your order.

Bottom Line

As you draw close to a conclusion, you must think about getting your window and skylights from a trusted supplier. This will ensure that you get the installation done by experts. It can be a DIY project, but it is the best option to have it done by the suppliers. 

Lastly, on this, make sure you take into account the location and the size of the windows. Also, you can install one or several skylights on the loft storage space to add light for proper storage. Also, consider insulation and the dimensions of the windows.